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Mediation is a process and set of principles designed to manage and resolve disputes between parties. It is an efficient and effective method of dispute resolution that can help to preserve relationships through the intervention of a third party, known as a mediator.

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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Can I change a child's name without permission from the other party?

No. If the parties cannot agree to a name change then court action is necessary.  The court would look at the following factors:
·         The best interests of the child
·         Confusion of identity
·         Short and long-term effects of a name change
·         Effect on the child's relationship with the party not seeking the name change
·         Embarrassment to the child (eg. If surname is different from mother's)
Sometimes parties agree on a hyphenated surname as a compromise.

What is a family law consultant?

Family consultants are social workers or psychologists employed or subcontracted by the Court to assist parties after Court proceedings have commenced.  Their role is to provide a report to the Court after meeting with parties.  It's important to be aware that there is no 'confidentiality' so what you say to them may be used in Court.  The Court is not bound by the report but they are generally of valuable assistance to the Court in reaching a decision.