Sunday, 13 December 2015

Why Hire a Family Lawyer?

Why Hire a Family Lawyer?
Many people balk at the idea of hiring a family lawyer for a variety of reasons, including the cost of the exercise, and the feeling that they do not want to invite a stranger into the most intimate details of their lives. The Court has made services accessible to the public at large that helps to foster peoples’ easy and cost effective access to justice including:
  • All Court forms being readily accessible online, with how-to guides for popular documents
  • Providing ‘duty lawyer’ services at Court so that individuals can access basic advice even on their Court date
  • Providing significant accommodation, time and patience to parties who are ‘self-representing’ when they are in front of a Judge
All a lawyer seems to do to most people is to manipulate words, and if you can speak, so the logic goes, you can be your own lawyer. There are fewer people who feel the same way however about accessing other professionals, and few are game enough to do their own plumbing or service their own car, despite the arguably ‘higher stakes’ involved in a bitter family law dispute. In short, investment in a lawyer for your family law matter has a significant number of advantages:
  • Getting forms and documents ‘right’ the first time
  • Knowing what is going to help, and what is going to hinder you
  • Knowing from an early stage what the likely range of outcomes for your matter is going to be
  • Accessing expert and experienced strategic advice in relation to your matter, and with the best law firms, expert advice on how various Judges, Courts, Registrars and Registries will react to certain issues
  • Having an expert who is suitably objective to provide you with ‘reality testing’ at every step of the process
Hiring a lawyer does not have to be an all-or-nothing approach either; many law firms are now offering packaged work or strategic intervention, to assist you for example with finalising documents in preparation for trial, simply appearing for you and avoiding the cost of back-and-forth in letters, or reviewing your situation early so that you can negotiate an outcome directly with your former partner. We offer these types of services and encourage you to contact us to discuss your situation today.

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