Wednesday, 26 March 2014

How do I know if my relationship constitutes a 'De Facto Relationship'?

A 'de facto relationship' includes same sex partners and can exist if a partner is married to someone else or is in another de facto relationship. The relevant legislation defines partners as being in a de facto relationship if they are not married or related to each other, and having regard to all the circumstances of their relationship, living together on a genuine domestic basis.

Those circumstances may include:
·        the length of the relationship
·        the nature and extent of their common residence
·        whether a sexual relationship exists
·        degree of financial dependence and support
·        ownership, use and acquisition of property
·        degree of mutual commitment to a shared life
·        the care and support of children
·        reputation and public aspects of the relationship
·        whether the relationship was registered in a State or Territory.

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